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Pork Floss 猪肉丝

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Made with premium pork thigh, this mouth-watering Pork Floss is finely shredded, mixed in with a unique blend of sauce, then dry- fried until perfection. It has so much flavour and gives such a great boost when added to dishes, and not to mention, a great snack by itself!

龍记令人垂涎的猪肉松用上等的猪肉大腿制成,将其切碎,与独特的酱汁混合在一起,然后干炸至完美。 它具有如此多的风味,添加到菜肴中后,其风味会大大增强,更不用说它本身就是一种美味的小吃了!ProductMeasurement_F1-Pork-Floss-100g(Btl)-22.jpg


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