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X.O Scallop Chili Sauce 扇贝辣椒酱

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Made from the finest ingredients dried scallop, dried shrimp, fresh red chili pepper and a special blend of spices. Loong Kee XO Scallop Chili Sauce is an all purpose gourmet condiment. It can be used as marinades in dishes, stirred into fried rice and pasta, or used as dipping sauce with Chinese Dim Sum, noodles, congee and sushi. 

由最好的原料干贝、虾米、新鲜红辣椒和特殊香料制成。龍记 XO 扇贝辣椒酱是一种多用途的美食调味品。它可以用作菜肴的腌料,搅拌成炒饭和意大利面,或用作中式点心、面条、粥和寿司的蘸酱。


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